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by Acegi
25.05.2021 13:48:24
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Hot Corners - Custom program or simulate keypress
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Hot Corners - Custom program or simulate keypress

For the Mouse Events Plugin you can set Hot Corners to use different Dexpot functions but would it be possible to set your own custom actions? I'm thinking at minimum running programs with parameters and working directory but more functionality would be good too such as simulating keypresses. If we ...
by Acegi
22.06.2016 15:34:50
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Dexpot Rules (Never Always on Top)
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Dexpot Rules (Never Always on Top)

I have a program (game) that automatically sets "Always on Top" and I was hoping that I could make a Dexpot rule to make it "Never Always on Top". Could this be added? I do have a shortcut to toggle "Always on Top" but I think when the program (and it sometimes does so ...
by Acegi
01.02.2016 18:05:33
Forum: Support
Topic: Windows 10 bug with Microsoft apps
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Re: Windows 10 bug with Microsoft apps

Is there a Dexpot fix in the works? Whilst disabling superfetch seems like a workaround, I actually want superfetch enabled for my system.
by Acegi
17.12.2011 16:21:12
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: More Commandline Controls
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More Commandline Controls

This is a request for more commandline controls. In particular the ability to switch to the specific Desktop that contains the desired window/application or alternate between the desktops that contain more than 1 of the chosen window/application. Another commandline control could be moving specific ...
by Acegi
10.05.2011 20:25:45
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Additional mouse modifiers
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Re: Additional mouse modifiers

Just want to add that being able to use scrolling would be a really nice feature. In particular scrolling to increase/decrease window transparency. Alternatively using the Mouse's forward and backward buttons to change transparency over the window titlebar would also work if scrolling causes too man...
by Acegi
01.10.2010 15:25:59
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: move resize rule
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Re: move resize rule

Hi just registered to look for this feature request. It may be digging up an old topic but this would be a very welcome feature. Being able to move window positions on the screen (instead of just to a specific desktop) would be incredibly useful. Would making this feature applicable to rules difficu...

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