Persistent desktops

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Persistent desktops

Postby languageservicesco » 05.02.2020 00:13:48

Hi. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I have spent most of today looking for the answer and haven't found it.

My question involves two linked issues. I did my research and thought I had established that the first one worked in Dexpot, but I can't find how. I currently only want two desktops: one for my general work and one for my PhD. In the second desktop I would probably have Zotero and an instance of Chrome open, possibly along with Word and some other less frequently needed programs. In particular, I want Chrome to retain its open tabs between restarts. I would also like the other open programs to reopen in their previous state.

The linked issue is that it appears that, if the Chrome instance in desktop 2 was the last one used, when I click on something in desktop 1 that opens a web page, it automatically opens the instance in desktop 2, not the one in the desktop I am currently using. I then have a copy of that instance in both desktops, and if I close the new instance in desktop 1, the instance in desktop 2 also closes.

I have spent ages looking for settings that might control this behaviour, but to no avail. For my work situation, these are the only reasons to use a third-party virtual desktop program, because the native virtual desktops in Windows 10 can't do that either :-).


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