Dexpot Desktop 1 to 6

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Dexpot Desktop 1 to 6

Postby Suvivor » 10.07.2020 12:21:56

I am trying to run Dexpot on a Windows 10, 64 bit PC.
Whatever I do, all my icons show up on all the different desktops I create. Just like the native "Virtual Desktops" from Windows 10 itself.
Furhtermore I cannot find any "Dexpot Desktops 1 to 6"
Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?
Thanks for help

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Re: Dexpot Desktop 1 to 6

Postby iansdell » 17.07.2020 16:25:22

As far as the icons are concerned:

Settings > Switching Desktops > Desktop Elements > tick Customise Desktop Icons

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