dexpot window duplication glitch

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dexpot window duplication glitch

Postby meNoobie » 03.09.2020 19:14:33

A video demonstration of the glitch:- ... sp=sharing
you can watch me duplicate all my open windows on all 16 desktops one by one over a span of 5 min (it got laggy at the end)
only the first 30s is important

I followed all the procedures I could find 2 fix it like:-
1)running as admin
2)do nothing (in plugins)
3)modded dexpot.exe(provided on the forum)
4)editing or deleting wechsel.ini

how to replicate the bug:-
1)switch desktop
2)open window catalogue (all desktops) 2 times
3) switch to another desktop

there are other ways of doing this cause it also happened when I stopped using window catalogue (all desktops) but we can leave that for another time

my setup:-
1)Windows 10 LTSB 2019
2)Dexpot 1.6.14, Build 2439 (non-commercial)
3)2 monitors (also replicable with 1)
(1.42 MiB) Downloaded 104 times

Posts: 2
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Re: dexpot window duplication glitch

Postby meNoobie » 05.09.2020 11:36:26

I made some more progress pinpointing this issue
it only happens only when switching with DexControl based stuff
everything else works perfectly

n an easier way to replicate this bug is by switching desktops one by one and ur previous desktop will have all the windows in all the desktop(unless ur current desktop doesn't have some of those windows))

u don't have 2 do it twice or need to open window catalogue (all desktops)

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