Store window position on all parallel desktops over "sleep cycles"?

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Store window position on all parallel desktops over "sleep cycles"?

Postby llinfeng » 19.02.2021 15:45:47

In short, can Dexpot help remember the window positions when I put the computer to sleep? For now, windows are moved and resized and tossed around when it is waked up from sleep :) [I suppose Dexpot keeps track of window positions somewhere for each parallel desktop. Yet, Windows 10 should throw things around anyways over "sleep cycles".]

Here is something as a partial solution: PersistentWindows is a tool that stops Windows OS from moving windows around over "sleep cycles". It is under active maintenance [on Github]( and it works with minimal setup effort.

The problem with the partial solution: with multiple parallel desktops hosted by Dexpot, PersistentWindows can only store window-location for the current desktop over "sleep cycles". After a "sleep cycle", when switching to another parallel desktop, well, Windows 10 rules again and shall resize and reposition the windows in that parallel desktop.

Thanks in advance.


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