Provide an option to hide hidden windows in preview window

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Lachende Köchin
Lachende Köchin
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Provide an option to hide hidden windows in preview window

Postby dkarr » 07.09.2019 18:15:23

One minor annoyance I have with Dexpot (although it once was of unique value) has to do with "hidden windows". There are some applications that create windows that don't result in a vislble window being displayed on the desktop. However, even though I don't see the window on the desktop, I DO see it in the dexpot preview window. Depending on the window and application, I see the hidden window in all of my desktops. I've seen this with several different applications.

Most of the time, this is just an annoyance, but there was actually one time when this helped me. One of the applications I use is the Slack desktop application. I discovered that under some circumstances, it creates a narrow hidden window that initially sits next to the original desktop window. If I move the main window to another desktop, the hidden window stays where it was. The other curious bit about this hidden window is that it swallows mouse clicks (I can tell where it is by its position in the preview window). If I move it around in the preview window, the "mouse click swallowing" moves to that new location.

So, it would be nice if there was an option to have Dexpot hide hidden windows from the preview window, but I might occasionally toggle it if I see some odd behavior in my applications.

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Re: Provide an option to hide hidden windows in preview window

Postby MiG_Foxbat » 29.11.2019 17:28:03

It's true that it would be an useful thing to have, I'm satisfied with Dexpot, but it's sometimes convenient to have the hidden windows, and sometimes they're more annoying than anything.... I don't want them removed, of course, they ARE useful, but not all the time, so it'd be great to toggle them on and off.

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