Desktop Manager Icon & Monitor Selection

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Desktop Manager Icon & Monitor Selection

Postby Smello » 09.10.2020 16:39:52

I have Dexpot set in "Switching Desktops" -> "Monitors" set to only switch my main monitor and leave windows on other monitors alone. This works really well in general, but interacts oddly with the "Show icons of active windows" setting for Desktop Manager; the icons will get updated when windows on other screens are activated, so i.e. if I have firefox running & active on my secondary screen and switch through my desktops, all the Desktop Manager icons will get replaced with the Firefox icon.

It's the smallest of problems, but it would be nice if the icon in the Desktop Manager icons, when "Show icons of active windows" is turned on, only updated if the currently active window is visible on one of the active monitors in "Switching Desktops" -> "Monitors."

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