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Don Zouras

Future of Dexpot

Postby Don Zouras » 12.05.2017 00:29:50

I use Dexpot daily and it has become an indispensable part of my workflow over the years. After having an issue pop up today, I found myself wondering about the future of Dexpot. There hasn't been an update in several years, which is a very long time for software, especially for a utility that needs to work well with the operating system.

Are there plans to release any new versions of Dexpot or is it simply waiting for Microsoft to change Windows enough that it breaks?

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Re: Future of Dexpot

Postby CerebralFreeze » 30.09.2017 00:37:47

I thought the same thing. I have a huge hunch that Microsoft is reading these forums to find the solutions to problems that encounter as they upgrade their virtual desktops.

I wish that the Dexpot Founders would bring in some more staff and make it really good. Make it cleaner, less buggy, more features, etc. The options alone is pretty confusing. There doesn't seems to be any organization to it. Takes me forever locating the option that I want among all the choices available when I right click the Dexpot tray icon.

I think this could be a software that a lot of people would use if it wasn't so difficult to implement.

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Re: Future of Dexpot

Postby Hegel » 18.12.2017 00:41:26

I second this. I'm guessing Dexpot is dead, right?

Very sad indeed.

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Re: Future of Dexpot

Postby jdop » 19.12.2017 04:00:51

Been using Dexpot for many years. Windows 7. Would be a shame if it stopped working in some future incarnation of Windows.

It's not hard to use at all once you work with it for a short while.

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How about KickStarter to pay off the founders?

Postby CerebralFreeze » 23.12.2017 01:21:43

Are the two founders willing to sell it? I know they probably have extremely busy lives and probably don't have enough time to commit to the development of one software. How much would they willing to sell it for? If they haven't received any offers from the large software companies because I'm assuming they are probably building theirs in-house, perhaps a KickStarter campaign might be better?

Say that if the amount they want for it reaches a certain amount, the software becomes open-source so that other people can help develop it and make it much better.

What do you guys think?

It's a win-win, no?


Re: Future of Dexpot

Postby seamus » 13.06.2020 05:18:28

I'm bringing my Windows 7 machine out of mothballs. It's got apps that have recently become useful again, and that I cannot afford to license again!

First order of business was to install BitDefender & make sure no goblins lingering.

Then I noticed Dexpot & remembered how cool it was. Yay! It still works! Not been updated in a while, and seems there are none from where I am: This makes me sad... something this cool, and now apparently in the graveyard. I guess it would be a monumental effort to port this to another OS, but they could all learn something from studying this. I don't use Windows anymore, but I've spent a lot of time on macOS & Linux. Dexpot is *way* better than anything in Linux - certainly in Gnome. And while macOS desktops work OK, Apple could learn much from Dexpot.

Oh well - thanks for a sweet ride Dexpot - it was great, and is great having this on Win 7 at least. Makes we wanna' use it more often.


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