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Can I get a blank desktop?

Posted: 18.02.2020 19:15:38
by DivergentDroid
I just installed this and switching to a new desktop still has all my icons and folders from my original desktop, This is unwanted. I only want a program like this to give me a clean desktop so I can make videos showing how to create desktop shortcuts from Chrome which are called "apps". My original desktop is too cluttered. I'd like to be able to record video of creating an internet shortcut on my desktop and have it appear on the clean desktop. Can I do this with Dexpot? Thank you.

Re: Can I get a blank desktop?

Posted: 19.02.2020 17:26:04
by DivergentDroid
285 people saw this so far and none could either help me or they were looking for a similar solution. Sorry but I found a solution with your competitor. VirtuaWin plus the module VWDesktopIcons worked perfectly for my needs.

Thank you to all who viewed this post. I do hope this helps someone out. Thank you.

Re: Can I get a blank desktop?

Posted: 13.03.2020 09:02:14
by kkmin
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have the same problem. Once I need to record the screen with Joyoshare Screen Recorder, I need to manually hide all the icons of my desktop. So sometime I will use the screen recorder to select an area to record. Now, I will try your method. :D Hope it work for me.

Re: Can I get a blank desktop?

Posted: 19.03.2020 20:10:58
by traycerb
well you posted in the wrong subforum if you were expecting help, but the option is there, in the conveniently named "Configure Desktops" option, under Tools -> Hide Desktop components (desktop icons).

Downloading a new program and installing a new module sounds like more work than just looking through the Dexpot options or reading its Quickstart guide.