Future Updates

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Future Updates

Postby Humphreto » 10.06.2020 12:43:02

Is there a chance that we are going to get New release... cause the current version is of 2014. it is obviously it is not optimized for windows 10 which was first released in 2015. Just to polish things to look beautiful in windows 10

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Re: Future Updates

Postby windowsfan001 » 18.08.2020 17:12:04

I hope there will be new Releases/ Updates, too!

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Re: Future Updates

Postby scgf » 03.09.2020 09:08:05

[quote="windowsfan001"]I hope there will be new Releases/ Updates, too![/quote]

Me too. Dexpot is what task View should have been! I would welcome a UI update, but with a little tinkering it works perfectly on Windows 10.

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