Perfect! Windows 10 2004.

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Perfect! Windows 10 2004.

Postby scgf » 03.09.2020 09:06:37

I have been using Windows Task View but was constantly frustrated by this scenario. I have MS Edge open on desktop 2. I go to my email client on desktop 1 and click a link. A new Edge windows opens on desktop 1 to display the link rather than opening a new tab in the existing instance of Edge on desktop 2. Firefox works correctly as does Vivaldi and Opera, but there is clearly a bug in the chromium source as all other chromium-based browser exhibit the former behaviour and will open new windows all over the place. I notice there is an issue open in chromium but it has been there a while.

I was very pleased to find Dexpot works correctly. A link clicked on desktop 1 opens a new tab in the existing instance of Edge on desktop 2. This is the default behaviour in macOS too and it is the norm.

Yesterday I set up Dexpot on my Windows 10 installation, added in the mywechel.ini as outlined in a support thread in this forum and stopped SysMain from running is services. The result is a virtual windowing system I thought was no longer possible. Long may it continue!

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