A useful trick

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A useful trick

Postby VirtuaMan » 15.03.2021 20:16:39

Why did I not have this idea before?
To make Dexpot function much better in my Windows 7...
I have a vbs file reading:
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.SendKeys "%{F11}"
Which I click to reset Dexpot when it starts with the icons in disorder.
Of course I have set Dexpot to reset with F11.

Now I have also made a batch file:
@echo off
cscript KeyAlt-F11.vbs
and set it to START DELAYED after (e.g.) 50 seconds. Thus automatically running the vbs.

The program I use for delayed start (Startup Delayer) does not take a vbs, but it does take a bat...

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