SDK v mywechsel.ini [Exe] entry

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SDK v mywechsel.ini [Exe] entry

Postby CircleDock » 13.10.2010 08:16:41

I'm having a problem getting my plug-in's window to remain visible when the current Desktop has switched and the following is a summary of my findings:

Using the API
DEX_COPYWINDOW - if I use this after the switch has taken place (which I believe I must), my window is not copied.

DEX_MOVEWINDOW - if I use this before the switch has taken place (which I believe is correct), the switch does not happen

Using "mywechsel.ini" - [Exe] Section
myexe.exe=sticky - this works!

myexe.exe=move - this works but only for the very first switch

myexe.exe=copy - this does not work

It seems that the only way I can get my plug-in's Window to remain visible after a switch is to use the "=sticky" option but I would much prefer to handle this via the API as there may well be times I don't want my Window to be copied.



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Re: SDK v mywechsel.ini [Exe] entry

Postby Patrick » 15.10.2010 19:02:16

The API equivalent of mywechsel.ini is DEX_SETSWITCHINGEXCEPTION, which works on a per window basis. Call SendNotifyMessage(DexpotMainMenu, DEX_SETSWITCHINGEXCEPTION, YourWindowHandle, DEX_EXCEPTION_STICKY) once after your window is created.

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