trackpad gestures

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trackpad gestures

Postby smokeythemonkey » 02.05.2011 09:58:34

A nice idea for a plugin would be trackpad gestures

something similar to what apple has done except customizable! i.e. swiping with three fingers or setting a gesture top left corner to bottom right brings you to desktop 4.

I have tried using scrybe that comes with synaptic drivers, it works but its very slow to activate the shortcut. would be great if dexpot had this capability!!

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Re: trackpad gestures

Postby sgtevmckay » 02.05.2011 22:50:35

Greertinsg friend

I would have Patrick and Sebastian ring in here as well.

I must say, in my opinion, Synaptics sucks.
Tried to work with these touchpads for years on HP products and the like, and have never had one work as promised.

Now I have a set up, that i use for testing on various different programs, called "Strokeit"
Yes it is third party, and really designed for use with touchscreens or a mouse, but does quite well for touchpads when used with the left or right, as assigned, buttons.
Maybe not what you are looking for, but a suggestion.

Note for Patrick:
If you are serious about looking into this option, you may also take a look and see what StrokeIt is doing. May or may no be an answer


Re: trackpad gestures

Postby smokeythemonkey » 03.05.2011 04:16:37

Yeh agreed, synaptic drivers suck

will give strokeit a go but it would be awesome if this was built into dexpot :D

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Re: trackpad gestures

Postby Patrick » 04.05.2011 23:12:53


Not going to happen (at least not as an official plugin) because

  1. The new Windows 7 multi-touch features are for touchscreens. Touchpads are still simple pointing devices where all the fancy stuff is handled by the device driver. You can only do what's supported by the driver and it will only work with that specific touchpad and driver.

  2. I don't have any hardware to test it on.

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