Taskbar Pager - Not ignoring disabled monitors.

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Taskbar Pager - Not ignoring disabled monitors.

Postby bast » 14.11.2012 21:31:25

Hey, I've setup Dexpot to ignore my secondary monitor so that any windows open in the secondary will remain unaffected by Dexpot.

I later decided to use the Taskbar pager, and noticed that the Taskbar pager is displaying the disabled secondary monitor, causing there to be another "shade" or window displayed, which will always remain there, causing it to make the other relevant screens smaller.

Here is an example of what I'm referring to:
The image shows my setup of having 4 desktops and 2 monitors. The Left monitor is set to be ignored by Dexpot, however they're rendered in the Taskbar pager.

As stated in the picture, I'm suggesting that the Taskbar pager respects the monitor settings of Dexpot, instead of assuming that all screens should be rendered.

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Re: Taskbar Pager - Not ignoring disabled monitors.

Postby Sebastian » 15.11.2012 11:08:09


thank you for your post.
I think it would be rather confusing if they didn't show up.

However, we'll take your suggestion into consideration.
Best regards (wave)
Sebastian Brands, Dexpot GbR


Re: Taskbar Pager - Not ignoring disabled monitors.

Postby bast » 15.11.2012 12:44:06

Sebastian wrote:I think it would be rather confusing if they didn't show up.
I'm not saying that they should never show up. I believe, it would only make sense to not show the secondary monitor if it has been set to be ignored by Dexpot as I know that the windows on the secondary monitor will always remain unaffected...

Meaning if you have enabled Dexpot on secondary monitors, sure it makes sense to show them in Taskbar pager however if you've disabled the secondary monitors it would make sense to hide those monitors on the Taskbar pager...

Another off topic feature request: ability to bind middle-mouse button click on the Taskbar pager. I've hidden the Dexpot tray icon and i would like to reach the Fullscreen monitor preview through middle clicking on the Taskbar pager, at the moment middle-mouse button always shows the Dexpot right-click menu. (Note that this is just a thought i made up in the spur of the moment and haven't properly thought it through, I think it was put there as the right-click button would show a different menu if you click on-top of a running window. This feature request is merely a slight suggestion and definitely not something that has to be prioritized)
At the moment I'm running a Autohotkey script which will open up the full screen preview if you click on it twice (!= double clicking)

Code: Select all

#IfWinActive,ahk_class DexpotTaskbarPagerWindowClass
LButton::#{F3} ;I think the default hotkey for the preview is Win+F3

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Re: Taskbar Pager - Not ignoring disabled monitors.

Postby ulrikmoller » 22.02.2013 11:39:03

I would love to see this feature implemented too! In my setup the right monitor is excluded from desktop switching, and thus the taskbar pager displays a lot of redundant information. This either results in the pager taking up extra space or as in the OP making the useful icons smaller. My setup:


I would love to have an option for not displaying monitors in the taskbar pager which dexpot has been configured to ignore.

Dexpot changed the way i use my computer, and i can hardly remember how i managed multiple programs before using dexpot :-) Thank you for making the software!

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