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MouseEvents - only bastard Cube animation

Posted: 02.09.2015 20:23:04
by J23

I have been trying to use horizontal mouse wheel control for desktop switching.
Alas when I set mouse wheel type as horizontal it uses only a cube animation (setting does not correspond to one I have set up within Dexcube setting). As default Decube animation I use Filmstrip.

Filmstrip switching works with any other switching method but not with MouseEvents mouse wheel horizontal + CTRL method.
Curiously MouseEvents does work with vertical scrolling with the default Dexcube setting - Filmstrip.

My goal is to using mouse horizontal wheel to switch between desktops. Perhaps there is any way of achieving it than using MouseEvents plugin.

I would be deeply thankful for any suggestion on resolving the above issue. Thank you in advance.

I cannot figure out how Dexgrid functions. I cannot find any effect while it is activated. I will appreciate any guidance on this plugin as well if any.