Wallpaper goes Black in Full Screen Preview

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Wallpaper goes Black in Full Screen Preview

Postby pepin » 09.06.2012 19:34:24

I've been using Dexpot 1.5 and recently upgrading to trying the Beta for 1.6. I really like the new features, however there is an issue I've run into.

When first installed, everything was fine, but the next time I started my computer (the next morning) there was a problem when using "Windows Catalogue" or "Full Screen Preview". When entering those modes, instead of showing my wallpaper like it should, it shows just a black screen. I've attached two images showing this. I can still use the functions, but it just has a black wallpaper (which is extra annoying in full screen preview).

I was using "Bing Desktop" at the time, which updates your wallpaper daily to be the Bing image of the day. Since it was the next day after the wallpaper switched, I originally thought it could have something to do with having your wallpaper attached to an RSS feed. However, I switched to a fixed wallpaper and restarted, same effect.

Other information:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Dexpot build: 1.5.99 Build 2003
Plug-in's Used: DexControl, Dexgrid, MouseEvents, Taskbar Pager

I did some searching and didn't find anything matching my description. If I missed a thread on it somewhere, I apologize. If you need more information on what settings etc. I am using, just ask.

Thanks for the help.
Black wallpaper in "Full Screen Preview" with "Dex Control"
Dexcontrol.png (122.06 KiB) Viewed 6456 times
Windows Catalogue.png
Black wallpaper in "Windows Catalogue"
Windows Catalogue.png (295.96 KiB) Viewed 6456 times

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Re: Wallpaper goes Black in Full Screen Preview

Postby Patrick » 09.06.2012 20:00:04


Did you disable the full-screen preview by accident? Settings > Plugins and Extras > Debug.

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Re: Wallpaper goes Black in Full Screen Preview

Postby pepin » 11.06.2012 05:09:08

After checking, I did in fact have full screen preview disabled. Unchecked, restarted Dexpot and now things look fine. Thanks for the help, I feel slightly embarrassed at how simple that was. There are just so many options that a single check mark got lost.

Thanks again.

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