Feature requests: Multiple hotkeys per action?

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Feature requests: Multiple hotkeys per action?

Postby jphughan » 17.06.2012 15:19:02

In setting up Dexpot, I've realized it would be handy to be able to assign multiple hotkeys for a given action, or at least allow Dexpot to consider the numbers on the number pad and the numbers along the top row interchangeable. I'm thinking primarily of the "Copy/Move to Desktop" function. When I have my full keyboard, it's far easier to use my left hand to press the Modifier keys I've mapped and then press the number of the target desktop on the number pad since my right hand is already near that area, as opposed to moving my right hand over to the left side of the keyboard to press the desired number key along the top row. However, if I set the hotkeys up to use the number pad keys, then when I'm using my laptop keyboard (which does not have a dedicated number pad), these functions don't work without also holding down the laptop's Fn key. In that scenario, it's more convenient to use the top row number keys.

This is admittedly a minor concern, but if either of the suggestions above could be implemented to alleviate it, it would be much appreciated. I use keyboard shortcuts very heavily, so I'm very sensitive to the difference between a shortcut that's efficient and ergonomically executed and a shortcut that's cumbersome.

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Re: Feature requests: Multiple hotkeys per action?

Postby Patrick » 23.06.2012 16:46:00


You could use AutoHotkey to create additional hotkeys.

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