Behavior for copied windows that minimize to the tray

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Behavior for copied windows that minimize to the tray

Postby Vaelek » 22.06.2012 03:21:32

There seems to be an issue with (or lack of) handling for windows that minimize to the tray.

I am using build 2003 on Win7 64bit.

I use the app Flashnote ( When the flashnote window is closed, it goes to the systray. If I copy it to all desktops, and then close it on one desktop, it acts as expected. If I then switch to any of the other desktops, the window is still there and is unable to be closed. The window can be closed either by clicking the X, pressing ESC, or alt-s. Using the alt-s method is the only one that works, and has to be hit twice to hide the window.

If the window is minimized, it is also supposed to go to the tray but still appears on the taskbar. Also, double clicking on the tray icon if on a desktop that does not have the window visible will switch to one of the others where it is visible. (along with using alt-s). If the desktop it changes to previously had it minimized (and still on the taskbar) it is not made visible.


I noticed similar behavior for the main Pidgin window. If it is copied to all and closed on one, it is still on the others but all the controls on the window are gone and it is solid white.

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Re: Behavior for copied windows that minimize to the tray

Postby Patrick » 23.06.2012 01:06:18


Will be fixed in the next version. It's not technically a bug, but the behavior will be more intuitive.

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