Hiding the System Tray (Notification Area) as a rule or hotkey

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Hiding the System Tray (Notification Area) as a rule or hotkey

Postby traycerb » 21.04.2020 04:12:18

Dexpot allows a virtual desktop to hide various Windows components, e.g. desktop icons, etc. (Configure Desktops > Tools > Hide Desktop Components).

One of these components is the System tray (aka notification area), the part of the Windows Taskbar which includes all the little icons and the date/time.

However any time the taskbar is redrawn (e.g. a new notification icon, or a change of the toolbars), the icons come back. Is there a way to manually have Dexpot hide the tray again, like a Hotkey or a rule. I don't see it listed as a Hotkey or as a Rule (or as a commandline option), so I suspect not....

There are non-dexpot ways to do it, by changing the registry, but they require UAC and restarting Explorer, which is of course much less seamless than the Dexpot way (which appears instantaneous).

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