Full-screen preview

Full-screen preview is an interactive live overview of all desktops. You can move windows to other desktops by simply dragging them with your mouse.

Other, more advanced features like copying and closing of windows or tiling and zooming of desktops are available via easy-to-use mouse and keyboard controls as well.

Window catalog

Display all windows of a single desktop as tiles. Once you start dragging a window, Window catalog automatically switches to Full-screen preview so you can move the window to another desktop.

Desktop Preview

A miniature symbolic version of the Full-screen preview, but just as powerful. Move and copy applications across desktops with drag-and-drop. Desktop Preview automatically hides at the screen edge when you don't use it.

Desktop Manager

Desktop Manager is a small, always visible toolbar for quick desktop switching. It can be positioned anywhere on your desktop and adjusted in size and orientation. Optionally, it shows the icons of all desktops' active applications.

An additional button may be assigned with frequently used functions.

Distribute icons

Get rid of icon chaos on your desktop: each desktop can have its own files and shortcuts. Split up your desktop icons by subject area. Features such as sorting and aligning of icons are maintained.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Desktop icons

Different desktop backgrounds

Set wallpapers and background colors of your choice for each desktop. Different backgrounds per monitor are possible as well.
Configure Desktops > Background

Assign applications

Once an application is assigned to a desktop, it's permanently bound to it. You can also assign applications to all desktops or the desktop where they were started.

Beyond that, Dexpot supports launching applications on specific desktops. Automatically start applications together with Dexpot or when you visit a desktop the first time.

Clever use of title bars

The title bar as well as the minimize, maximize and close buttons can be assigned with further functions (Role up, Minimize to system tray, etc.).
Settings > Controls > Title bars

Power rules

If a newly-created window matches the condition of a rule, predefined actions are executed. Amongst others, choose from actions "Always on top", "Minimize to system tray" or "Set transparency value".

Wide variety of hotkeys

There's a hotkey for pretty much every task in Dexpot, enabling you to handle Dexpot really fast after just a brief period of familiarization.

Default: ALT + 1 to ALT + 4 switches to Desktop 1 to 4
Settings > Controls > Hotkeys

Mouse switching

Switch desktops by just moving your mouse cursor to a specific area of the desktop.
Settings > Controls > Mouse switch

Hot Corners

MouseEvents triggers functions by moving the mouse cursor into a screen corner. Global mouse wheel shortcuts can be used for desktop switching.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > MouseEvents

Rows and columns layout

With Dexgrid, you can switch left, right, up and down. Move and copy windows likewise. In addition, Dexgrid displays an overlay pointing to your location in the grid during desktop switching.

Default: ALT + CTRL + Arrow keys
Settings > Plugins and Extras > Dexgrid

DexTab Task switcher & Desktop switcher

DexTab Task switcher is an ALT-TAB replacement listing the windows on all your desktops. Here you can quickly switch to a particular window or move it to another desktop via drag-and-drop.

DexTab Desktop switcher shows thumbnails and windows of the desktops at a glance.
Settings > Controls > Hotkeys > Dexpot components > DexTab Task switcher, DexTab Desktop switcher

System menus

Dexpot appends easily accessible options to the system menus of all windows. A right-click on the title bar is enough to e.g. move the window to another desktop.
Settings > Appearance > System menus

Not just for Linux or Unix users

Taskbar Pager integrates an overview of all desktop directly into the taskbar of Windows. The pager not only lets you switch desktops, but also move or copy (keep CTRL pressed) windows via drag-and-drop.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > Taskbar Pager

Part of the Windows 7 taskbar

SevenDex adds a supplemental button to the Windows 7 taskbar (Superbar) showing thumbnails of all desktops. Pin SevenDex to your taskbar and start Dexpot at the push of a button.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > SevenDex

Taskbar buttons of all windows on all desktops

This option keeps the taskbar buttons of all windows visible on all desktops. Clicking a button makes Dexpot switch to the desktop of the respective window.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Keep all taskbar buttons visible

Made for multiple monitors

All components of Dexpot are compatible with multiple monitors. The exact behavior of many components can be further adjusted to suit your needs.

Exclude monitors

In case you want windows on individual monitors to remain visible on all desktops and content to be static, you can exclude monitors from desktop switching.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Monitors

3D animations

Dexcube adds fancy transition effects.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > Dexcube

Wallpaper Clocks

Beautify your desktop with a real-time working clock blended into beautiful artwork becoming your desktop background.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > Wallpaper Clocks

Automatic switching

Desktop Slideshow: excellent for automatic presentations and monitoring purposes.
Settings > Plugins and Extras > Slideshow