Plugins included

  • DexControl
    Interactive Full-screen preview and integrated Window catalog
  • MouseEvents
    Hot Corners & Mouse wheel switching
  • Taskbar Pager
    Integrates an overview of all desktop directly into the taskbar of Windows
  • Dexgrid
    Rows and columns layout
  • SevenDex
    Adds a supplemental button to the Windows 7 taskbar
  • Dexcube
    Adds fancy 3D transition effects
  • Wallpaper Clock
    A real-time working clock blended into beautiful artwork becomes your desktop background
  • Desktop Slideshow
    Automatic switching: Excellent for automatic presentations and monitoring purposes

Experimental plugins (Installation manual)

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Dexpot has a programming interface to communicate with other applications. It can be used by dedicated plugins, that extend the functionality of Dexpot, as well as third party programs that want to interact with Dexpot.

Download the SDK (1.5)